If you need help removing your module, please contact us, we will be glad to provide detailed instructions.

To have your ABS module repaired, you must remove it from your car and ship it to us. Before you remove your module, please verify that it can be repaired by contacting us. After you have removed it, please fill out the order form, and you will be sent shipping information.

Removal videos available:

Volkswagen Passat (B5 models)
Audi A4 (B5 models)
Audi A6 (2004 and earlier)
Audi A6 and A8 (2005+)
Pontiac Grand Prix
Cadillac Catera
Saab 9-5

Instructions for removal for Ford Mustang only: Because of the tight location of the ABS unit, most people remove the entire ABS pump and then disconnect the module. If you do this, then you will need to bleed the brakes after re-installing it, and you cannot drive the car while the unit is out for repair. For this reason, it is recommended that you let a professional mechanic remove the ABS unit from the Mustang. However, it is possible to just remove the ABS module. We can send you a video of how to do this.

Instructions for removal for Pontiac Grand Prix and Oldsmobile Intrigue:

Instructions for removal for B5 VW/Audi cars:

This video we made shows how to remove an ABS module from a 2001.5 VW Passat. The earlier passats are similar, but easier in that the windshield washer fluid reservoir can be removed (see text instructions below).

1. Engage emergency brake and jack left front wheel and take it off -- place jackstand to hold car (never work on a car supported by a jack!).
2. Remove fender liner by unscrewing 11 T-25 torx bolts (you will need a set of torx drivers).
3. Unscrew the windshield washer reservoir (2 10mm bolts behind the fender liner and 1 10mm bolt under the hood). (Note: If you have a 2001+ VW Passat with the newer body style, you will not be able to remove the reservoir. Instead, release the top bolts to move it aside some, and undo the bolts holding the ABS unit in its cage to allow you to lift the unit up somewhat to access screws. OR you can drill a hole for access as seen in the video above. A short or flexible torx driver is highly recommended.)
4. Move reservoir to the left to access the ABS unit.
5. Remove the electrical connector on front and back (use flathead to get smaller back connector off)
when removing the large electrical harness. It has a pull tab, and you need to gently pull the tab while guiding the module upwards as you slide the tab. The harness has a diagonal track, so if you try and force the tab out horizontally while holding the harness down on the module, you will shear all or some of the 6 retaining tabs off the module. If any of the retaining tabs are missing, the harness cannot be held in place, and you will have to zip ties or something similar to hold it in place when you re-install it.
6. Remove 6 bolts holding on ABS control unit (torx T20)
7. Package ABS unit well by placing tape over the bottom solenoids to prevent movement and wrapping in bubble wrap or packing peanuts

2005-2006 Audi A6 Bosch 8.0 module removal:

New method: It turns out it actually is possible to remove the module without removing the pump! Watch the video below to see how to do it:

Old method: Remove the entire hydrualic unit in order to be able to separate the module from the pump. Do not attempt this without having the knowledge and tools in order to bleed the brakes. Once you disconnect the brake lines, you cannot move or drive the car until the unit is re-connected (make sure all the brake lines are TIGHTLY connected) and the system is bled of air properly. I highly recommend a Mity-Vac vacuum bleeder for this job.

Instructions for removal for the Cadillac Catera:

This is a more difficult job due to the location of the EBTCM (abs module). You will need to remove the battery, upper radiator hose, and harness tray, as well as unbolt the abs pump from its cage and pull it up and rotate it in order to access all 6 torx screws (DO NOT remove the brake lines if you are not intending on removing the ABS pump otherwise you will need to bleed the brake system). The video below shows how to do this job step-by-step:

Instructions for removal for BMW X5:

1. Remove headlight on driver's side
2. Remove electrical harness by pulling tab and sliding it off
3. Remove module from ABS pump by removing 6 T20 torx screws as shown in the picture below:

BMW X5 ABS Module Removal

Instructions for removal for the Saab 9-5

Disclaimer: The buyer assumes all risks associated with removing, installing, and usage of a remanufactured ABS module.

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